Born with a rare congenital birth defect called TAR Syndrome (Thrombocytopenia absent radius), Sheila’s medical prognosis was bleak; she would most likely not survive and if she did she would spend her life dependent on others. Sheila shares the true realities of growing up with a disability and how she showed them all how she could do it. Her feisty personality started young defying doctor’s request to perform tasks at their whim.  She continued to question society’s norms by constantly asking why. As an adult she has educated others about disabilities by simply being herself and by answering questions. She has been encouraged to experience life to the fullest and do anything and everything possible by her incredibly supportive family. Her bright personality, ability and determination are so apparent that you may not even realize she has a disability.  Today Sheila is an advocate for people with disabilities, a motivational speaker, and has been featured in newspapers and radio stations national and international for earning her Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Read more about Sheila by visiting her website at